Third Thursday Art Crawl - People

Thursday, May 20th 5:00-7:30pm

During the extreme lows and inspiring highs of 2020, who was someone that you admired? Someone who inspired you? This person might be a local store owner who was innovative during the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, a family member who overcame an obstacle, a world renowned activist, an author whose perspective opened your eyes, or a stranger who showed you kindness when you needed it most.

For the first Third Thursday Art Crawl of 2021, Thursday May 20th, you’re invited to get inspired as you stroll from venue to venue, artist to artist. As you walk downtown, you’ll not want to miss the installation in the West Union Street alley. Local artists have created portraits, on canvas, of someone who inspired them and made their life better during 2020. Approaching the ally, don’t be surprised if you run into inspirational figures on and off the canvas! Allow local actors to entertain you with their interpretation of adored and respected figures of the past year. Let’s see how the medium artist use - pastels, pens, watercolor, charcoal, colored pencils, oil, ink, et to create their portrayal of inspirational individuals they admire and how our performance artist use mannerisms, voices and costumes to do the same!  Read more!

The downtown shop and restaurant owners were extremely inspirational during 2020. Troubled times called for new ways of promoting their stores and implementing safe pick up strategies. Visit the Burke Arts Council and City Hall, storeowners of OSuzannah's Yarn of Union, Craft'd, Mountain Gallery and Gifts, West Union Art Studios, Adventure Bound Books and Hamilton Williams  to celebrate the downtown people who continue to insipre you to experience culture, shop and dine in downtown! 

Enjoy the May Third Thursday Art Crawl and be sure to mark your calendar for the July 15th Art Crawl! The theme will be: Places