Food Trucks

Want to set up a Food Truck in Downtown Morganton? Here are a few easy to follow steps to help you start your Food Truck business.

Step One: Determine if you want to set up your Food Truck within the City of Morganton or in Downtown Morganton.

Step Two: Review the Mobile Food Vendors section within the City of Morganton Ordinance (located on pages 126-128).

Step Three: Visit Jesse James at Morganton City Hall to fill out your Zoning Permit and pay the annual fee of $25.00. City Hall is located at 305 East Union Street Suite A100.

Step Four: IF you desire to locate your Food Truck within Downtown Morganton, make an appointment with Sharon Jablonski or Abby Nelson to determine your Food Truck location and schedule. Their office is located at 112 B West Union Street. 828-438-5252.

For additional questions, call Jesse James at 828-438-5268