Third Thursday Art Crawl

Thursday, October 15 5-7:30pm

Mark your calendars now for this year's Third Thursday Art Crawls! Join local businesses and artists in beautiful Downtown Morganton for a wonderful evening of socializing & artistry. Featured artists & details to follow!

“Rewind as Art and Music Intertwine”

October 15th, 2020


A form of art, music is a reflection and influence of human emotion. Jazz, country, hip hop, disco, rock, pop, classical and musical theatre are all genres heard in the modern music period of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. Join us October 15th, as the doors of our art crawl venues transform into portals leading to different musical eras and genres. Featuring the “musical illusion” of Marc Dobson, the man who serenades in the streets with 9.1 musical instruments all attached to his body at once.

Jay Z “Picasso Baby”, The Creation, “Painter Man”, Nat King Cole, “Mona Lisa” , David Bowie “Andy Warhol”, Coldplay, “Viva La Vida”, this is a list of musicians and their songs about art and artist. We know that visual art is influenced by music and vice versus, so let us “Rewind as Art and Music Intertwine”