Biz Wanted

Morganton has a wide mix of businesses that comprise the downtown area. With a variety of restaurants, retail, spas and services, downtown Morganton is a lively and active community. While downtown is thriving, there are opportunities for new businesses to open and prosper. The Main Street Office is here to assist businesses. The following are opportunites that would be a good fit in our downtown.

Diverse Restaurant Mix (Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Indian, BBQ, French, Farm to Table) - Space is available and leasing to 117 East Union Street! Must have business plan, experience, and investment money. Call 828-438-5252 if interested.

Housing (apartments, condos, houses)

Musical Instrument Retailer

Bed & Breakfast

Cobbler/Shoe Repair

Community Theater

Family Event Venue (Games, bowling, pool, skating, climbing)

Children's/Maternity Boutique

Women's Athletics Boutique

Contact us with other interesting business ideas...